Urban rivals misiones gheist clipart

When a battle starts, 4 cards are randomly dealt from each of the two players’ decks, usually made up of 8 cards. The cards in each player’s deck are limited by the format’s star count. Each card has a star count, from 2 to 5, and the total star count of a deck can be either 25 (called T1) or unlimited (called T2). The player with the higher star count between their 4 cards plays first, with the two players alternating between playing first or second each round. Each player, one after the other, chooses one card and plays a number of ‘Pillz’ (minimum 1), resulting in an Attack Value equal to the cards power value multiplied by the number of Pillz used. The two cards’ abilities and bonuses may affect either card’s power or attack values, or even cancel their abilities or bonuses. In a random fight, the card with the greater Attack Value has a greater chance of winning the round and dealing its Damage Value to the opponent’s Life Points. In a non-random fight, the greater attack always wins the round and deals its Damage Value to the opponent’s Life Points. All competitive fights are set to non-random. If there is a tie, then the card with the lower star count wins. If both cards have the same star count, then whichever was played first wins. The battle ends after 4 rounds, with the winner being the player with greater Life Points. The battle may also end once either player loses all of their Life Points.

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