Taio cruz mother and father clipart

In September 2007, Cruz released his second single “Moving On”, which made the top 30 in the UK. In March 2008 his next single, “Come On Girl”, featuring Luciana, peaked at No.  5 on the UK charts. The related album Departure appeared on 17 March and peaked at No.  17. This was followed by the single “I Can Be”, which reached No.  18 in May. On 18 August, “She’s Like a Star” was released, which was a remix of the previous single and featured American rapper Busta Rhymes and girl-group Sugababes. The remix later appeared on the Sugababes studio album Catfights & Spotlights, which peaked at No.  20. It was later revealed that Cruz narrowly missed out on the chance to record the song “Umbrella” which was recorded by Rihanna and ended up topping charts around the world.

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