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That Ambrose himself is the author of some hymns is not under dispute.
Like St. Hilary, St. Ambrose was also a “Hammer of the Arians”. Answering their complaints on this head, he says:
“Assuredly I do not deny it . . . All strive to confess their faith and know how to declare in verse the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost. ” And St. Augustine speaks of the occasion when the hymns were introduced by Ambrose to be sung “according to the fashion of the East”.
However, the term “Ambrosian” is does not imply authorship by Ambrose himself.
The term, (Hymni Ambrosiani) is used in the rule of St. Benedict, and already Walafridus Strabo notes that, while St. Benedict styled Ambrosianos the hymns to be used in the canonical hours, the term is to be understood as referring both to hymns composed by St. Ambrose, and to hymns composed by others who followed in his form. Strabo further remarks that many hymns were wrongly supposed to be Ambrose’s, including some
“which have no logical coherence and exhibit an awkwardness alien to the style of Ambrose”.

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