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More than five hundred different species of Australian native plants grow in the lowland tropical rainforests in the gorge area, including a wide diversity of species of trees, shrubs, vines, epiphytes and ferns. Some species abundant along the public walking tracks, often noticed and photographed by tourists, are as follows. The bright orange seasonally fruiting, small shrubs of chain fruits Alyxia ruscifolia and hairy red pittosporum Pittosporum rubiginosum occur commonly along the tracks. Many vine species grow up to the canopy, including the well known and conspicuous wait-a-while or rattan palm–vines Calamus australis and more related spp. . Many epiphytes grow on the trees’ branches and trunks, including the often noticed ferns, the birds–nest ferns Asplenium australasicum, basket ferns Drynaria rigidula and elkhorn ferns Platycerium hillii; large epiphyte and hemiepiphyte trees and shrubs, including commonly the many strangler figs Ficus spp. , umbrella trees Schefflera actinophylla and the cape jitta Fagraea berteroana. Locally abundant and conspicuous large trees include the Daintree penda Lindsayomyrtus racemoides with wet season purple new foliage growth, abundant cauliflorous trees that have flowers and fruits on the trunk, for example, the cluster figs species Ficus spp. and the yellow mahogany trees Dysoxylum parasiticum. Further locally abundant species of trees include the Australian native nutmeg trees Myristica insipida, the several lady apples or lilly pillies species Syzygium spp. and lining the Mossman River and the creeks’ banks the golden penda trees Xanthostemon chrysanthus.

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