Jade weser port cup schwimmen clipart

JadeWeserPort (German pronunciation: [jaːdə veːzɐ pɔɐ̯t]) is Germany’s largest harbour project.
It is supported by the states of Lower Saxony (50. 1% stake) and Bremen (49. 9% stake). This new container port is located at Wilhelmshaven at the Jade Bight, a bay on the North Sea coast. It has a natural water depth in excess of 18 m. Container ships with a length of 430 m and 16,5 m draught will be able to call the JadeWeserPort at any tide. Construction work was begun in March 2008. The port was opened on 21 September 2012.
However, due to the Great Recession, the port wasn’t given the warmest of welcomes, and very little TEU traffic flown through the brand new harbour. But the container handling could be raised from 60,000 in 2014 to 426,700 twenty-foot equivalent unit in 2015. The yearly capacity of the port is 2,700,000 TEU .

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