Final four locations basketball clipart

The oldest and most common use of the term is in reference to the final four teams in the annual NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament. Each Final Four team is the regional champion from the East, South, Midwest, or West regions of the tournament. (Other region names have been used, such as “Mideast” replacing South, or “Southeast” and “Southwest” replacing South and Midwest. ) The teams travel from the four separate sites of their regional rounds to a common venue for the Final Four. In the men’s basketball tournament, a team must win either four or five consecutive rounds (games) to qualify for the Final Four. The four teams are matched against each other on the last Saturday of the tournament. The two winners emerge to play in the national championship game two nights later, traditionally on Monday evening. The same concept is used for the NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Tournament (which has a Friday/Sunday semifinal/final scheduling to not conflict with the men’s tourney). Because most teams in the men’s, and all teams in the women’s tournament begin play from a field of 64, each team must win four games to qualify for the Final Four.

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