Cutting horse vector clipart

Cattle ranching in the Southwestern US was first introduced by early settlers in the 17th century. By late 19th century, cattle trading was an industry; thereby making cutting horses an indispensable tool of the trade. Large herds of cattle grazed freely on the open ranges, and any strays that wandered off would typically join the herds of other cattle ranchers. As a result, cattle roundups became an annual or semi-annual routine. Cowhands kept a remuda of horses whenever they traveled, with some horses having specialized skills to ensure they had the right horse for assorted herding jobs. Horses that showed a unique awareness of cattle, a kind of wariness with ears perked and eyes focused on the herd, were the elite members of the remuda. Horses with this “cow sense” helped separate one or more cows from a herd, allowing cowboys to finish their work quicker and easier. Ranch hands held informal competitions to see who had the best horse, which also added a measure of fun to the work.

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