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The Disco Biscuits formed in 1995 at the University of Pennsylvania. Marc, Jon, Aron and original drummer Samuel “Sammy” Altman shared an affinity for psychedelic rock, electronic music, soul, blues, jazz and classical. They honed their distinctive style playing Philadelphia bars then moved up to nightclubs and theaters along the east coast. In 2005 Sammy left the band to pursue a career in medicine. The band conducted a search for their next drummer, which culminated in a two-night, sold-out drum-off at the Borgata’s Music Box in Atlantic City. In December 2005 Allen Aucoin was announced as the newest member of the band. In 2006 the band purchased the former Old City Philadelphia studio space of DJ Jazzy Jeff. The space became a place for local musicians to congregate and work, helping make possible the unique collaborations recorded in the Planet Anthem sessions.

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