1987 topps complete set checklist clipart

Traded Willie Mays Bronze Metal replica of his 1953 Topps card available to dealers who purchased a Topps Traded case. Size: 1¼ × 1¾ inches. Gallery of Champions (12) This set is metal replicas of regular issue cards in 1/4 scale of twelve players who won awards. There are three variations: aluminum, bronze and silver. The Jose Canseco card has a fourth variation in pewter given to dealers who bought the bronze set or a 16-set case of aluminum sets. The bronze and silver sets were issued in a leather velvet-lined display case. The aluminum sets were cello wrapped. Size: 1¼ × 1¾ inches. Bobby Grich Night Sheet A sheet of 17 cards of Bobby Grich Topps’ cards from 1971 to 1987 were issued in conjunction with a promotion sponsored by the California Angels. The sheets were issued on May 1, 1987, at Sheraton Hotels of LA and KLAC radio station. Size: 10 × 17½ inches (sheet); standard (individual). Stickers-Panini (313) The stickers feature either one full player photo or two half size individual photos. The back is soft peel-off paper. There are season highlight, playoff and World Series subsets. A 36-page album was also available. Size: 2⅛ × 3 inches. Stickers- Hardback Test (313) Topps produced a hardback version of the sticker set. The production run for the hardback set was 1/10 of 1% of the Panini version. Size: 2⅛ × 3 inches. Coins (48) The fronts have a full-color photo with the player’s name, team, and position in a white band at the bottom. Gold-colored rims were used for AL players and silver for NL players. Backs are silver and show the coin number, player’s name and personal and statistical info. Sold in retail outlets with three coins and three sticks of gum per pack. Made of aluminum. Size: 1½” diameter.

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